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I Lost 160 Pounds Eating These High-Protein Snacks

Eat this delicious treat and lose weight. 

Amber Clemens (@amber_c_fitness) is a weight loss warrior and influencer who shares videos about how she lost a whopping 160 pounds and transformed her life. In one of her viral videos, she reveals that one of the ways she dropped so much weight was by snacking on high-protein food. "Zero to seven of my favorite high protein snacks that helped me go from this to this," she says, showing her dramatic transformation. "I lost 160 pounds all through diet and exercise." Body Network also consulted with The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian, to weigh in on her selections. 

Greek Yogurt

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"Number one, Greek yogurt," she says, showing off an assortment of containers, including Chobani Zero Sugar and Two Good. "I love the Dannon Light N Fit," she adds. "This Chobani zero sugar is also really, and the too good is another one of my favorites too. But you can do so much with this, especially right now with all the pumpkin flavors coming out. You got to try it. Super high volume, very low calorie and high protein." Collingwood is also a fan. "The lower calorie high protein yogurts are an excellent way to get protein, calcium, and some satiety," she says. "Great for snacking or part of meals."

Quest Chips

Los Angeles, California, United States - 02-01-2023: A view of several packages of Quest protein chips, on display at a local grocery store.

"In my opinion, the best thing that Quest does is the chip. I know not everyone likes them, I know, but if you do, these are an easy high protein snack," she says. "I love the sweet chili. Also love the chili line and the ranch. They're like 20 grams of protein, a bag too." Collingwood agrees. "I personally love the Quest chips, too!  They don't have a bad aftertaste like a lot of protein chips. They dip well into hummus or guac but are flavorful enough to eat just on their own," she says. The major con: "I wish they weren't so expensive." Her tip? Wait for them to go on BOGO and stock up.  

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Yasso Bars


"Yasso bars don't have a ton of protein, about five to six grams, but I love them so much. They taste like real ice cream. There's so many flavors, they're a must," she continues. Collingwood also enjoys them. "Perfect for a nice little sweet treat that does provide a little bit of protein but also a low calorie dessert. The taste is fabulous!" she says. 

Favorite Day Protein Ice Cream

Top view Close up Stainless steel ice cream scoop is scooping chocolate flavor ice cream meat.

"Another one of my absolute favorites is the Favorite Day protein ice cream from Target. One pint of this has around 20 to 22 grams of protein. The texture of this is the best protein ice cream on the market," she says. Collingwood notes that these are very similar to Halo Top and Enlightened. "Target has their own brand of lower calorie, lower fat high protein ice cream that is delicious and provides a really nice indulgence without all of the calories of regular ice cream and the bonus of a lot of protein!" she says. 

Dive Bars

Closeup on fit sports woman in sport clothes with chocolate raw protein bar using smart watch in the modern living room.

"My absolute favorite protein bars are Dive Bars," she says, offering an unconventional way to prepare them. "Air fry them at 370 for four minutes. Thank me later." Collingwood "would never have thought to air fry a protein bar, but I'll bet it really brings a nice taste and texture to it," she says. "The Dive Bars are less than 200 calories and 16 grams of protein. They do have a lot of artificial ingredients and are highly processed, so just buyer beware if you are trying to eat more naturally. Also be aware that they do have 90 mg of caffeine."  

Legendary Protein Pastry


"Along that same line, the Legendary pop tarts are so good. I actually really like them frozen too," she says about Legendary Protein Pastry. "I have not personally tasted these, but at 20 grams of protein and under 200 calories they are another option for a higher protein 'sweet' treat for breakfast or snack." However, she notes that they are "loaded in a lot of artificial ingredients and have erythritol which some people have significant GI distress with."

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Beef Jerky

Portion of Beef Jerky on vintage wooden background

And last but not least? "Beef jerky, a classic," she exclaims, showing bags of Jack Links and Archer. "Beef jerky is a good high protein snack, but it is loaded in sodium so just watch your total sodium intake for the day if you want to use these as a snack," says Collingwood. 

💪🔥Body Booster: If weight loss is your goal, stick to snacks that are low calorie, packed with protein, and high volume. 

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