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I Lost 100 Pounds Eating Delicious Snacks Like These

Here are a few of her surprisingly healthy sweet treats.
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Bella Johnson (@allthings_bella) is a TikTok influencer and weight loss warrior who dropped a whopping 100 pounds via diet and exercise. She often shares videos of some of the surprisingly delicious meals she ate that helped her achieve her weight loss goals. "I lost 100 pounds eating snacks like these," writes over one of the videos. "One thing that's hard on my weight loss journey is that I always find myself wanting to snack. Like I always need something sweet or I just want a snack, snack, snack," she says in another video. Here are some of her go-tos – and you might be surprised by how delicious and healthy they are. 

Yogurt Parfait

@allthings_bella Should I make this a series ??? #blackgirltiktok #luxuryblackgirltiktok #keto #lowcarb #healthy #healthysnacks ♬ original sound – Bellaaa✨| Creator

One of Bella's favorite treats is a yogurt parfait. She starts with a dollop of Two Good yogurt. She then adds some cut up strawberries, granola, chia seeds, and a drizzle of honey.

Chocolate Rice Cakes with Almond Butter

@allthings_bella Rice cakes are so underrated! They are super filling and customizable! I love to add peanut or almond butter to mine and bananas! They are also low in calories! #healthysnacks #snackideas #lowcaloriesnacks #healthylifestyle ♬ Taylor Port Junkie Rylo Rodriguez – ForeverArtists

Another high protein snack that Bella makes? She takes Quaker Chocolate Rice Cakes and slathers on a packet of Justin's Classic Almond Butter. The result? Chocolate peanut butter deliciousness. 


@allthings_bella Eat lunch with me! It's finally 1PM & I can eat!!! Whewwww! Im having baked chicken and a side salad. OAN: the Kombucha along w/ my meal plan has definitely been helping with my bloating!!! Excuse my hair…. It's getting done soon! I look a mess, but soon come! #lunchtime #eatlunchwithme #teacherlunch #kombuchareview ♬ original sound – Bellaaa✨| Creator

Along with Bella's healthy lunches, which she regularly shares on her TikTok account, she drinks a bottle of Kombucha. "The Kombucha along w/ my meal plan has definitely been helping with my bloating!!!" she wrote in one of her videos. 

Low Carb Milkshake


Bella makes a low carb milkshake that tastes anything but. She starts with Breyer's Carb Smart ice cream, adds some Smucker's low carb syrup, Califia Farms Almondmilk, zero sugar Reddi Wip, and Atkins chocolate peanut candies. She blends it up and voila! "It's summer & it's HOT! So cool off w/ a nice LOW CARB treat & not feel so guilty! This is my favorite LOW CARB ice cream! It's soooo good!!!" she writes. 

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Apples and Peanut Butter

Jar with peanut butter on peanut background, close up

"So let me show you this quick and easy healthy snack that I love to make when I'm having those cravings. So you just need an apple, some peanut butter, and then I like to add some extra nuts on top of it," she says in a TikTok. "So I like to cut my apples in small cubes, melt my peanut butter and just drizzle it on top. And then I'm going to add in my nuts. I get these nuts from Target, I think, but you can probably find them in other grocery stores. And y'all look so freaking good. Quick and easy. And it does satisfy my sweet tooth. You must make it."

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