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I Lost 35 Pounds With Intermittent Fasting and Here's How

This mom-of-three tried everything.
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Jackie Moravek lost 35 pounds in five months with intermittent fasting. The stay-at-home mom of three and content creator loves to share her story in the hopes that others will be inspired by her success. "I love intermittent fasting and have been eating mostly OMAD since June 2020," she says on her YouTube page. "Even though OMAD is my standard, I love being flexible in my schedule and will at times have variations to keep things interesting." Here's how she lost the weight and kept it off.

OMAD Method

Moravek typically saves all her calories for one meal a day. "I have found peace, I enjoy food on an everyday basis, and I have lost weight and sustained the weight loss," she says in a video. "I'm living my day-to-day life enjoying food."

She Loves to Walk

Walking is Moravek's favorite exercise—she's even doing a 500K steps challenge for May. "On a treadmill, you can walk three miles per hour at an elevation that equals a steep hill," Anthony Wall, exercise physiologist, and certified ACE personal trainer tells AARP. "On the flip side, the vast majority of people are going to enjoy a 20-minute walk in the neighborhood more than they are on the treadmill."

Moravek doesn't usually count calories while doing intermittent fasting, but experimented once and found it a useful tool for weight loss if needed. "It can be tempting to cut the amount of calories you eat more drastically, but while there can be a role for short-term very low-calorie diets, these should only be tried with medical supervision," Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor tells the British Heart Foundation.

Moravek noticed a drastic difference in her skin appearance since starting her OMAD regimen. "On a daily basis I don't wear foundation, I do sometimes wear a tinted moisturizer, but today I'm wearing absolutely nothing," she says. "I have skin that is decent enough that I can feel confident."

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Fatty Liver

At doctors appointment physician shows to patient shape of liver with focus on hand with organ.

Moravek says she was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver in her 20s, and healed it with intermittent fasting. Studies show fasting can indeed positively impact fatty liver. "We found that liver fat was reduced by 5.5 percent in the group that participated in both fasting and exercise," says Krista Varady, PhD, professor of Kinesiology and Nutrition at University of Illinois Chicago and senior author of a study published in Cell Metabolism.

Improved Eyesight


Moravek noticed an improvement in her eyesight since starting to fast. "We are now showing that not only does fasting improve eyesight, but the eye actually plays a role in influencing lifespan," according to Buck Institute Professor Pankaj Kapahi, PhD, who has studied fasting for years.

Moravek says her energy levels stay steady all day and she sleeps well. A study from King's College London shows that a 14-hour fast can positively impact sleep. The study also showed improvements in mood and hunger levels.

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Black Coffee

Moravek drinks black coffee during her fasting window, with absolutely nothing added to it. No sugar, no cream, no sweeteners, no flavorings. "I love black coffee it is my favorite drink," shesays. "I have it all year round."

Green and Black Tea

Japanese green tea

Moravek drinks green or black tea during her fasting window, again with absolutely no additions, not even zero-calorie sweeteners. "I absolutely love iced tea," she says. "I have it all summer long."

Moravek loves sparkling water during her fasting window to keep things interesting. Assuming it doesn't have added sugars, sparkling water is a great zero-calorie choice of beverage to enjoy during fasting. The many different flavors prevent boredom.

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She Ate Lots of Soup

Moravek enjoyed plenty of soup-based meals for her one meal a day as she lost weight. Typical sides would be a sandwich and asparagus. "Soup Season really is my favorite 🤩 🥣 🍁 🍂 Perfect, Cozy & Satisfying One Meal a Day!" she captioned an Instagram video.

Moravek says that because she essentially eats whatever she wants to in her eating window, she never feels deprived or restricted. "I don't have the 'woe is me' that I always felt when I was dieting," she says. "I feel so joyful whether I am in a fasting state or an eating state."

💪🔥Body Booster: Opt for a 20-minute walk in your neighborhood instead of on a treadmill to make your exercise routine more enjoyable.

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