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10 Exercises That Maximize Ozempic Results, Says Celebrity Trainer

This workout routine will help you lose more weight – and keep it off. 
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There is some good news – and some bad – about weight loss drugs like ozempic. According to studies, the weekly jab will help you lose weight. However, research has also found that ozempic rebound weight gain is also real. According to a study in the Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the majority of people who take semaglutide gain most of the weight back within a year of stopping the medication. If you are on ozempic and want to keep the weight off, there is an effective way to do so: Exercise. 

Anna Kaiser, global fitness leader and creator of the popular fitness brand, Anna Kaiser Studios, and personal trainer to stars like Kelly Ripa and Shakira has designed a sculpting workout you can do at home to not only help you maximize your ozempic results, but help you keep the weight off long after you are off the drug. 

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Kaiser describes the workout as a "mix of Pilates and barre-inspired workouts with added functional bodyweight training," she says. The goal of the workout is to sculpt your body, keeping the "most deconditioned muscles" – including inner/outer thighs, glutes, and the sides of your body – in mind. The workout pairs "muscular endurance with power to give you the most bang for your buck which gets you the quickest results when it comes to toning and strengthening," she says. "You can always keep the heart rate and cardio moves low impact instead of jumping up high," she explains. "You can keep your feet on the floor, or you can step side-by-side for jacks instead of jumping."

She also encourages you to "really think about how they're performing each of these exercises and not just getting through them." This involves "going slower with a full range of motion" instead of "pushing the speed or trying to get through it as quickly as possible."

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All you need is a pair of 5 and 8-pound weights. 

  1. Traveling Squat: Do this by squatting and walking the squat forward and back holding weights at chest for 30 seconds/
  2. The Dancer Deadlift: Do a grand plie center, aka sumo squat. Keeping your back flat, hinge forward center holding weights straight down (reaching to floor) while maintaining center sumo squat. Then return the body to center. Repeat slowly 8 times. 
  3. Tap Backs: In chair pose, tap alternating leg back as you fly arms out to the side for 30 seconds. 
  4. Warrior Challenge: Start in lateral warrior 2 and lunge into the right leg. Then, lean your upper body to the side, bringing your right hand to your right ankle and left arm to the ceiling. Return torso to warrior 2 position. Repeat 8 times. 
  5. Take Off: Lateral lunge power press. Starting in the lateral right lung and holding weights, press off for a quick balance on the left leg, then return to the right lateral lunge. Repeat 15 times. 
  6. Hold a Plank for 30 seconds.
  7. Warrior Challenge: Repeat on the left side, 8 times. 
  8. Take Off: Repeat on the left side, 15 times. 
  9. Twisted Tripod: Side plank to plank push up. Alternate sides. 5 to 10 times. 
  10. Jumping Jacks or High Knees: 30 seconds. 
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