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7 Ways to Save Money at Costco on Healthy Food

Her goal is to help women take a “holistic” approach to diet and weight loss.
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When it comes to weight loss and getting in shape, knowing what to eat is only half of the food battle – you also have to stock your fridge and cabinets with food that will fuel your health goals. Costco is a popular place to shop for anyone trying to get into shape, whether that involves building muscle, blasting fat, or losing weight. Hailey Gorski (@thetipsykale_dietitian) is an LA-based dietician and social media influencer whose goal is to help women take a "holistic" approach to diet and weight loss. In one of her many viral videos, she takes her followers on a grocery shopping trip to the big box store and educates them on what to load up on and why it's a good idea to buy in bulk. 


Unit Pricing Is Key

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"Costco is known for their very large portions and selling things in bulk," she says, revealing that people always ask her why, as a "single girly" she buys bulk. It has to do with "unit prices" she explains. "As a registered dietician, it's literally my job to identify different obstacles preventing people from eating healthier, and one of those is how expensive groceries are nowadays. According to the USDA, food at home prices rose about 5% last year. Good news is that they anticipate this to decrease a little bit."


She Saves Money Buying Bulk

A view of several cases of Kirkland Signature cheese, fruit and nut packs, on display at a local Costco store.

"My hack to minimize my grocery bill is unit pricing. This is comparing the cost per unit," she says, using the price per ounce of yogurt as an example. "This makes it easier for you to compare prices of different products more easily, and regardless of the variation, the package, the brand." Costco often has better unit pricing "because it offers things in bulk, so the cost per unit is lower when you're comparing a to other quantities from other retailers, that's what we call economies of scale baby," she says.

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Wilde Protein Chips

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In another video she reveals her "favorite high protein options from Costco" as a dietician. 

"I like a high dip to chip ratio, and the vehicle for the dip is very important to me. Honestly, these are a great option," she says, grabbing a bag of Wilde Protein Chips. "I've never found a protein chip that actually tastes good and has a good mouth feel to it. We've got 10 grams of protein when serving. That's fabulous."


Kirkland Turkey Jerky


"I always travel with a couple different sources of protein, help me snack sensibly when I'm traveling, and sometimes it's hard to find those healthy options at airports. So BYOP baby, bring your own protein," she says holding up a bag of Kirkland Turkey Jerky. There's 10 grams of protein in one serving. The protein will keep you full for longer. It'd be dope if it had no added sugar, but it's not the end of the world because the protein actually helps blunt that spike in blood sugar."


Snack Packs of Nuts


"Okay, nuts are a vibe, but the one thing about these is that you have to be really mindful of portion sizes. If I'm just snacking around these puppies, I'll probably eat half the 10," she says about a large can of peanuts. "So rather than going for the big container, I'd go for these individual snack packs," 


Wonderful Pistachios

pistachio in shell nuts in bowl on wooden table background.

"Another great option is pistachios. Because they have the shell, you have to put in an effort to eat it. It's hard to over eat something when you have to crack a shell respectfully," she says about a large bag of Wonderful Pistachios.

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Chicken of the Sea Tuna

Canned tuna fillet meat in olive oil, on black background, flat lay

Next up, a bulk pack of Chicken of the Sea tuna. "If you don't like tuna, you need to grow up," she says. "It's convenient. It has a long shelf life. It's affordable. It's a good source of high quality protein and essential omega fatty acid, Vitamin D."

💪🔥Body Booster: When shopping at Costco, make sure to buy products that you think you will be able to use up. If you are a single person shopping for perishables, like produce, you might end up wasting a lot of food and could be better off at a regular grocery store. And, when buying meat, try freezing what you won't be able to use up by the Best By date. 

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