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#1 Best Breakfast for Proteins, According to Dietitian Who Lost 100 Pounds

Protein plus “fiber-filled carbs” equal nutritional gold, says one RD.

Ilana Muhlstein, RD, (@nutritionbabe) is a mother-of-two, nutritionist, and weight loss warrior who dropped 100 pounds naturally. She has amassed a following of over 2 million TikTok followers for sharing content about how she lost all the weight without going to extremes. In a recent viral video, she shares the recipe for one of her favorite high-protein breakfasts that tastes delicious, keeps her satiated, and curbs her cravings. "It's breakfast and I'm feeling hungry," she says at the start of the clip. (She knows about yummy, filling food; check out her her new cookbook, Love The Food That Loves You Back.) The Body Network also asked the Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian, to weigh in on the meal. 

First, She Starts with a Plate Split in Half

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She starts by showing off her plate, which has marks dividing it in half. "I always use these plates as a guide. I have half plate protein, half plate fiber-filled carbohydrates," she explains. 

Then, She Makes French Toast with Whole Grain Bread, Eggs, and Milk


At breakfast, I made some fiber filled french toast using some Dave's killer bread," she says, adding that she made it with some egg and milk. 

Next Up, Cottage Cheese


"And then for protein, I have some cottage cheese here," she says, noting that the "egg and milk inside the french toast" is also protein. 

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She Says a "Very, Very High Protein Breakfast" Keeps Her "Fuller Longer"


"I like to have a very, very, very high protein breakfast because I feel like it keeps me fuller longer," she explains. 

She "Spices Up" the Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese and mint in a wooden bowl on an old rustic table, selective focus.

"So I'm going to just spice up this cottage cheese," she says, adding seasoning and what appears to be syrup. "It's going to act almost like a syrup onto the french toast."

She Drinks 16 Ounces of Energize

Ilana Muhlstein Nutrition/Facebook

She washes the french toast down with "16 ounces of Energize" drink. 

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Another RDN Approves


Collingwood loves the idea of getting whole grain, high fiber carbs and protein in the morning.  "Most people don't get enough protein at breakfast and don't choose good quality whole grains," she says. However, she would also like to see a little bit of fresh fruit. "Maybe just a handful of berries will provide more fiber and excellent antioxidants."

As for the drink, "I don't have a problem with one sugar free energy drink instead of coffee, but just be careful how many you might have and how late in the day you drink it," she says. "Breakfast is a good time to get caffeine so it has time to absorb and leave your body before bedtime." If you enjoyed this article, don't miss I Lost 100 Pounds Eating the Foods in My New Cookbook.

💪🔥Body Booster: When deciding what to eat for breakfast, try to get a combination of healthy, fibrous carbohydrates, protein, and fresh fruit to fill you up and keep you full for several hours. 

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