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I Lost 24 Pounds in 2 Months, the Easiest Way Possible 

One influencer reveals how she lost weight fast and sustainably.
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Do you want to lose weight without having to do high-intensity workouts or starving yourself? According to one influencer, losing weight and getting into the best shape of your life doesn't have to be hard. Rachel Otieno (@Raychflix) is an influencer whose mission is to "empower" others to live their best life. In one of her viral videos, she reveals how she lost 23 pounds in 2 months. "I'm just sharing exactly what worked for me during my journey," she says.

She "Never Thought" Losing Over 20 Pounds "Was Possible"

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"I have lost over 20 pounds, and to be honest, I never thought that was possible when I started this. All I wanted to do was to just lose about five kgs that I normally struggle with here and there," Rachel says.

She Was Losing Weight When Single and Gaining When In a Relationship

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"I'm just gonna admit I've had a very toxic relationship with my weight whereby when I would be single, I would lose some weight, and then I get in a relationship, I get comfortable, I gain the weight, and then get single again, then lose it, then get in a relationship. I don't know, whatever it is, there's something about being in a relationship that just makes a girl gain weight, and I'm a girl, so for me, it just creeps on slowly and slowly," she says.

She Goes to the Gym and Eats Vegetarian

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Her lifestyle was always pretty healthy. "I go to the gym, and I eat a predominantly vegetarian meal because I don't like meat and stuff like that. So my lifestyle is kind of healthy," she says. "But then maybe slowly but surely," she would gain weight as soon as she had a boyfriend.

The Weight Gain Led to Health Issues

It soon led to health issues. "My back was hurting, my clothing sizes were increasing, and my hormonal issues started to give me issues," she says. "Now, I must preface this the whole time. Honestly, I was so happy. I didn't really feel sad or anything."

She Tried Exercising and Eating Healthier for Two Weeks and Got "Obsessed"

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"After a while, I was just like, you know what? I'm going to try to take myself to the gym just to have a healthier way of living," she says. She worked out for two weeks. "I was running, and I was trying to eat healthy. All of a sudden, I got an obsession with broccoli. I got an obsession with eggplants and so on."

She Decided to Go "All In"

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After two weeks, she started to feel better. "I feel lighter. These clothes are fitting a little bit better," she says. This was when she realized she would actually "love to go all in and consciously lose weight and make sure that I'm doing it in the healthiest and the most self-loving way possible."

She Found a Sustainable Way to Lose Weight

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She explains that in the past, she tried diets, including keto and intermittent fasting. "I have done it all. I have even tried fasting itself. There's nothing I haven't tried under the sun in the name of losing weight, but none of this was ever sustainable for me," she says.

She Consulted a Doctor and Had an Analysis Done

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She also changed her motivations from simply looking good to focusing on loving herself. "I just wanted to make a healthier option. And also, my back was hurting," she says. "My back needed a break." She decided to "lose weight in the most self-loving way that doesn't make me give up." So, she consulted with a doctor and did an analysis. "I was told the things that I needed, the things that were lacking in my body, the deficiencies that I had, the allergies and the sensitivities that I had." This gave her a "blueprint" to give her body what it needed when she had "certain habits or certain cravings."

Food Control Was Key

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She explains that "food control" was key. "Now, when it comes to food control, I am not dieting. I am not on any diet whatsoever. However, I am on a calorie deficit." Cutting portion sizes was really important. "Now I eat everything, but I just don't eat as much," she says.

It's Hard at First, But Your Body Adjusts

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"The first week is the hardest, and then after a while, your body kind of adjusts to it somehow," she explains. "It's so funny how so much of our struggles are very mental and also habitual. So when you get used to not eating as much, your body kind of adjusts to not eating as much. And before you realize boom, you are not eating as much."

You Also Need to Stop Drinking Your Calories

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You also need to stop drinking your calories, whether that is champagne or hot chocolate. "The doctor told me, 'Girl, do not drink your calories. Please eat whatever it is.'" Instead of juicing, she started eating the fruits and veggies. "That's what I was told. Do not drink your food. Eat your food."

She Also Stopped Eating Late

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She adds that portion sizes and eating the right nutrients were her two biggest problems all along. "Still on the food side, of course, I changed my eating times as well. I'm not intermittent fasting or anything, but this whole eating after 8:00, seriously visiting the fridge at 10:00, like it was such a bad habit."

Exercise Doesn't Have to Be Intense

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You don't have to do high-intensity workouts to lose weight. "I realize that now my exercise is not as intense. I do not do high-intensity or high intervals. I don't do any of that stuff." She claims that when she did, it made her eat more "and then go lie on the couch. Like my activity level was so low."

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She Does Pilates

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"I do go to Pilates now. So I'm a Pilates girl, and you know Pilates, yes, they're difficult, but it's not like high intensity or anything," she says. According to research, Pilates exercises are designed to increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as to improve posture and balance. Experts maintain that it is a great workout for leaning out.

She Also Walks on Include

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She also walks on an incline. "By the time I'm done with those walks, I'm sweating so much," she says. "And the funny thing is, now that I'm walking, I burn more calories walking than I did running because when I would run, I would just run on a flat surface. But now, when I walk, I walk uphill. I sweat so much, and it's amazing, and I love it. The calories I burn typically are around 300 to 500. She also notes that after her walks, "I'm sweating and all, but I still have the energy to probably lift weight here and there, and that's it."

She Rewards Herself During Workouts

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"My workouts are things that I look forward to. And here's the thing: I also treat my workouts as little treats because this is the time I normally use when I'm working out to talk to my man because, you know, he's back there in Sweden." She goes for a walk and talks to him. "You can take anything from this. Make your workouts a time for yourself, a time that you enjoy, and you can do things that you really love."

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She Rests

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"The quality of your rest matters. So this means taking rest days, sleeping well, and not stressing as much. I know it's so easy right now. I genuinely have very little stress in my life, to be honest. I realize that stress has a significant impact on our body weight and so on. But the less you stress, the more you rest, the easier it is for your body to do what it's supposed to do," she says.

She Went From 165 to 141

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"When I started, I was 165 pounds, and now I'm at 141," she says about her 24-pound weight loss. "Now I'm just trying to maintain and look good."

She Feels Better Than Ever

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"I feel good. I feel very strong. I am more energetic than ever. I am very happy, not because I'm like a thin person or anything, but because my mood is boosted," she says about her new way of living. "But on the other hand, that has a lot to do with my diet, and my physical activity has greatly improved my mental health and how I feel on the inside. And for that, I am very, very grateful. I must say that this, for me, was definitely a healthy journey, more than a weight loss journey." And if you enjoyed this article, take advantage of these 15 Quick Ways to Lose Body Fat Percentage in a Week.

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