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I Lost 100 Pounds and Here's What I Do to Stay Lean

This influencer completely changed her life.
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TikTok influencer Meg lost 100 pounds in a year after taking semaglutide medication Wegovy and has kept it off since then. "POV you lost 108 pounds in a year because you used a GLP-1 medication as a tool but prioritized a complete lifestyle change first," reads the text over a before-and-after video. Meg lost half the weight she needed before taking Wegovy and kept those good habits up throughout her journey. Here's what Meg does to stay lean, fit, and happy since losing weight.

Taking the Stairs

Young adult woman walking up the stairs with sun sport background.

Meg says she started taking the stairs everywhere. "I used to take the lazy way out," she says. "Take the elevator even if it was one or two floors up." Now she makes it a point to park on the top level or as furthest away from where she is walking to.

Stop Drinking Your Calories

Cold brewed iced latte coffee, Ice coffee latte cup in a plastic glass on. barista hand in coffee cafe.banner background.Cold brew coffee ads.Latte with milk caffeine.plastic ice cup.Arabica roasted.

Meg stopped drinking high-calorie beverages from her favorite coffee chains. "I wasn't even paying attention to how many calories and how much sugar was actually in these drinks," she says. Meg makes the point that these drinks provide no nutritional benefits.

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Prioritize Sleep

Woman lies in bed with arms raised up view from above

Meg says getting 7 hours of sleep a night was crucial for her weight loss. "It's so important to be getting an adequate amount of sleep each night," she says. "This was something that I changed drastically at the start of my weight loss."

30 Minutes of Movement

Sport and active lifestyle concept. Caucasian woman training, sportswoman exercising with dumbbells holding her hands forward outdoors on sunny day, close-up.

Meg got at least 30 minutes of movement every day. She makes the point that it doesn't matter what that movement is so long as it keeps you active. "Lifting weights, swimming, dancing, even walking," she says.

Lots of Walking

Woman exercise walking in the park listening to music with headphone

Meg says walking and a calorie deficit were instrumental in helping to torch fat at the beginning of her weight loss journey. "Do something you enjoy, whatever that may be," she says. "That's all I did for the first several months."

Calorie Deficit

Calories counting , diet , food control and weight loss concept. Calorie counter application on smartphone screen at dining table with salad, fruit juice, bread and fresh vegetable. healthy eating

Meg started counting calories after realizing she was eating far more than she thought on a daily basis. "It's not a bad thing to know how many calories you are putting into your body," she says. "And what the nutritional value is of the food you're consuming."

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Lots of Water

Stylish Afro-American male runner drinking water out of plastic bottle after cardio workout, wearing white earphones. Sportsman in black sportswear hydrating during outdoor training.

Meg makes a point of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. She also enjoys coffee, and good quality dark chocolate for a pick-me-up. "This was a caramel brulee latte," she captioned a picture.

Incline Walking


Meg did incline walking for the first six months of her weight loss. "Started at low incline 3 mph for 30 minutes and progressively worked up to the 12/3/30 workout," she says. "I started my weight loss journey in the middle of winter in 2022, so I only had the treadmill, haha, but I love walking outside the rest of the year when I can!!" she commented on her post.

Healthy Diet


Meg would eat a diet that encouraged muscle gain and weight maintenance. A typical breakfast would be a cranberry bar, fruit smoothie, and yogurt. She would eat cottage cheese and fruit for a pre-workout snack.

Lots of Protein

Hands holding salmon and buckwheat dish with green beans, broad beans, and tomato slices. Nutritious dish with vegetables and fish from above. Healthy balanced diet

Meg eats plenty of protein, like her salmon bowl, which contains 23 grams of protein. She also enjoys a chicken fajita bowl, which has 25 grams of protein. "Dark chocolate always," she says of her favorite treat.

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Lifting Weights

Young sports woman is working out in gym. Doing the bench press during training.

Meg avoided loose skin issues by weight training. "Lifting weights!!! I lift several times a week and stay consistent with it as well as cardio/ running," she commented in a post.

Getting Strong, Not Skinny

Portrait of fit young woman with kettlebell weights in the park. Fitness woman training with weights in park.

Meg shifted her focus from weight loss to being as strong as possible. She does resistance training at the gym, frequently posting videos of herself doing pull-ups and push-ups, as well as gymnastic-style headstands. "When your mindset shifts from 'I just want to be skinny' to 'I want to be strong,'" she captioned a video.

Turkey Pot Roast

Le Creuset dutch oven. One of the most prestigious French manufacturing brands of enameled cast iron cookware.

Turkey pot roast is one of Meg's favorite high-protein low-calorie dinners. One serving contains 36 grams of protein and 420 calories. Most importantly, it's delicious, Meg says.

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Dumbbell Exercises

Muscular build sportsman taking weights from a rack in a gym. Focus is on hand. Close up.

Meg has an incredibly toned and strong physique, and shared her arm exercises on TikTok. "For my girls who are scared of the weight section, I got you! Here's some beginner dumbbell exercises to try," reads the text on a video.

Be Consistent

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For Meg, consistency and discipline were key to her weight loss and is crucial for her maintenance. "Most days I am not [motivated]," she commented on a video. "Just gotta build the habit and it's all about having discipline and delayed gratification."

💪🔥Body Booster: Start taking the stairs everywhere, and ignore the elevator when you can.

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