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I Got Into the Best Shape of My Life at 50 by Following These 6 "Basics"

Here is how to get and stay in shape at any age, according to one fitness expert.
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You can't let your age be the excuse for not getting in shape! There are lots of social media influencers here to remind you that you can be the best and healthiest version of yourself at any age. Alicia Erikson, aka The Midlife Maven, is a social media influencer and fitness expert who designs programs specifically for people who want to shape up after 50. In a new post, she breaks down the "basics" of what it takes to achieve your goals.

1. Eat Nutritionally Dense and Protein-Packed Food

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According to Alicia the first basic is tackling your diet. She recommends "eating nutritionally dense foods" and "making protein a high priority." And, while you don't need to eliminate them, she suggests sticking to an "appropriate" amount of carbs and fats.

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2. Do Progressive Overload Strength Training

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As for exercise, she recommends progressive overload strength training. "I do 5-6 days a week. Commit to what lt you can and stay consistent with it," she recommends.

3. Walk 8,000 to 10,000


She also suggests daily walking. "I aim for 8-10k steps," she says. "If you have a certain cardio form you love, do it! I love walking!" Another workout she loves? Dancing too. "I keep it LISS because my body loves it and I want the 💪."

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4. Cut or Limit Refined Sugar and Alcohol

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Next, "cut or limit refined sugar and alcohol," she says. "I personally had to cut it because it's very habit forming for me. I do enjoy coconut sugar, monkfruit, honey and stevia. Figure out what works best for you!"

5. Hydrate

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Don't forget to hydrate! "I drink half of my body weight (lbs) in ounces of water daily. I also throw in an electrolyte pack while I'm working out," Alicia says.

6. Sleep

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And finally, "sleep has to be a priority," she says. "7-8 hours a night. This is how your body recovers and resets."

You Can Tweak These

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"These are the basics! Everyone will have their own unique tweaks to this," she continues. "Maybe you want to track macros for a certain goal. Or maybe tracking is not your jam so you eyeball and that's ok with you. Maybe you don't want to completely cut out alcohol and enjoy a drink occasionally. Do what is going to work best for you but also be honest with yourself about what you KNOW is not working."

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Remember, It's a Process

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"Getting in tune with our bodies is a process. Being honest with ourselves is a process. Do you need to give yourself some tough love when it comes to changing certain habits? Or do you need to give yourself a little grace?" she writes.

You Can "Get Better with Age"

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"At the end of the day, you're the one living in your mind and body forever. Make it the best little temple you can! I share what has worked for me for inspiration and hopefully to simplify. Yes, ladies, we can get better with age!!!" she concludes. And if you enjoyed this article, don't miss 12-3-30 Walking Method: 20 Proven Tips to Lose Weight Faster.

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