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Fitness Influencer Shares His Bodybuilding Secrets and Flexes His Biceps

Making this small tweak will help make your “last set count.”
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Simeon Panda is flexing his granite-like biceps – in his workout clothes. Panda is a fitness entrepreneur, trainer, and social media influencer who boasts over 8.1 million followers on Instagram alone. The 37-year-old regularly shares tips and tricks on how to get in shape, build muscle, and bodybuild – the "natural" way. In a recent post, he reveals three tips on how he gets the maximum burn during his final set – and you can take advantage of his expert knowledge. "3 ways to make that last set count," he captioned the Instagram video. Here is everything you need to know about his tactic and the other diet and fitness habits he abides by. 

Here Is His Trick


According to Panda, there are three steps to maximizing the burn. First, "slow down the tempo," he says. Next, "Control the eccentric." And lastly, "Perform drop sets."

He Started Bodybuilding as a Teen


Simeon discovered bodybuilding after gaining weight in his early teens. "It sounds silly, but it was never about the physique," he told Muscle & Fitness. "The physique was not part of the plan. I started at 14 or 15, and I loved how it felt. To this day the strength training is what I love the most. Building a certain physique comes with it, and I love that, but it's the training that actually gets me to go to the gym."

High Volume Training


Simeon is a fan of high volume training. "I love volume. If someone hasn't used high-volume training, I can guarantee they'll increase their muscle mass from doing it," he added to the publication. "For me, it's something I've always done. It's contributed to my strength and my size. I get the best of both worlds."

He Prioritizes Shoulders


In order to achieve his superhero body, he prioritizes his upper body. "The first thing is the shoulders," he says. "You have to have big delts. You need arms, too, but it really is the shoulders."

High Rep Sets of a Compound Exercise


Panda starts his workout with several high-rep sets of a compound exercise. He also divides his workouts up by exercise group. He takes three sets to slowly build up to his heaviest weight, followed by three to four sets pushing very heavy loads, and a warm-down set or two to finish. 

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Healthy Diet


Simeon maintains that "you need to take diet as seriously as you do your workouts." He makes sure to eat healthy food to fuel his workouts. 

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