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Fitness Guru Whitney Simmons Reveals 6 Secrets to Her Flat Belly

Here are the lifestyle habits responsible for her amazing body.
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Whitney Simmons is flaunting her flat tummy while trying to motivate her followers. In a new social media post the fitness influencer flaunts her washboard abs in a sports bra and workout pants prior to a workout. "LEGS GET IT 🌶️💥🍓✨❤️‍🔥 GLUTE focused leg day today," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps, revealing her booty workout. What exercises does she do to keep her booty fit – and what are the other lifestyle habits responsible for her amazing figure? The Body Network has all the details. 

Weight Training

"I love weight training. Weight training is my go-to. I feel so strong and powerful [when I do it!]" she told Life & Style. She previously did mostly cardio to stay as "skinny and small as possible." However, lifting weights was a game-changer. "When I discovered weight training, that's when my entire transformation began, not only for my mental health but obviously my physical as well. My life has changed so much. I just want to be strong! Like nothing makes me feel more empowered than taking an hour to myself every day in the gym, chucking weights around, and taking that time for myself. You leave the gym on this rush, you just feel so good after a session like that!"

She Plans Her Sessions


"Always go into the gym with a plan," she suggested. "There are so many free workouts online. I provide a new workout every single day, and there are so many women pushing so many amazing workouts online. Go into the gym with a plan, and start with something that's dumbbell only."  

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90% Healthy Diet


"I'm all about living a healthy lifestyle, so I believe if you eat 90% healthy in the day, it's okay to have a chocolate chip cookie at the end of the day," she said. "You've got to have that balance, otherwise you're just going to go crazy. The mental health is what started my entire fitness journey, and if I ate just protein shakes all day everyday I would lose my mind. It's all about balance. It's okay to treat yourself — you have to!" says Whitney. 



Whitney is a breakfast person. "I love starting my morning with oatmeal, it's a good source of complex carbs in the morning to give me that energy that I need, especially before the gym," she told Life & Style. She will also add protein, like scrambled eggs. 


"I love to make a smoothie at home, where you can't even taste the protein because there's so much fruit and amazing antioxidants," Whitney told Life & Style. "I just toss in spinach and fruit and pop in one scoop of protein."

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Glute Workout


Here is Whitney's glute workout:

1️⃣ 4×8 barbell RDL

2️⃣ 3×10 KAS glute bridge

3️⃣ 3×8 bulgarian split squat

4️⃣ 3×10 glute dom back extension 

💪🔥Body Booster: Even if getting "smaller" is your goal, opt for weight training over strictly cardio. It won't get you "big" and is more sustainable for fat loss. 

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