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Courteney Fisher Shows Off Washboard Abs and Reveals 5 Ways to Get to Blast Belly Fat

The influencer shares 5 easy ways to drop body fat.
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Courteney Fisher is showing off her washboard abs – and revealing the secret to blasting belly fat. In a new social media post, the fitness influencer flaunts her fit midsection in a blue workout ensemble. In the Instagram video, she reveals that so many people come to want to know how she achieved it. "I want to drop body fat, tone my entire body, and support my hormones, but IDK what to do," they tell her. And, according to the expert, it isn't that hard. "Who's ready to get started?!" she writes in the caption. 

Walking Daily for 10 to 20 Minutes

Her first suggestion is to "start walking daily" and you don't even have to get 10,000 steps in. She suggests 10 to 20 minutes, which she does on the treadmill. The Mayo Clinic explains that going on a brisk walk daily can help you maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat, prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. It can also help improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones and muscles, improve muscle endurance, increase energy levels, improve your mood, cognition, memory and sleep, improve your balance and coordination, strengthen immune system, and reduce stress and tension.

Strength Training and Pilates 5 Times a Week


Courteney also recommends "strength x pilates 5x per week." Each of the workouts boasts a bevy of benefits. The Mayo Clinic explains that strength and weight training help reduce body fat, preserve and increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently. Strength training may also help you develop strong bones, manage your weight, enhance your quality of life, manage chronic conditions, and sharpen your thinking skills. Why is pilates a good workout? According to the Mayo Clinic there are lots of benefits to the workout, as it "strengthens the body's inner core while increasing its flexibility resulting in improved overall health. It can also promote longer, leaner muscles, injury prevention, relief from stress and back pain, enhanced athletic performance, and heightened mind-body awareness.

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Sleep 7 Hours Per Night

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Next up, "prioritize & support your sleep patterns," she says. She recommends at least seven hours per night. What are the health benefits of sleep? According to the Sleep Foundation, getting enough z's is a mood booster, promotes heart health, regulates blood sugar, improves mental function, restores your immune system, helps relieve stress, and aids in weight loss. 

It Real Food


In terms of diet, Courteney says to "ditch fake food and replace with delicious high protein foods." why is protein important? Clinical trials have found that consuming more protein than the recommended dietary allowance not only reduces body weight (BW), but also enhances body composition by decreasing fat mass while preserving fat-free mass (FFM) in both low-calorie and standard-calorie diets.

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Be Consistent


Last but not least, sporadic health changes won't work for long-term weight loss. She says that you need to "stay CONSISTENT."

💪🔥Body Booster: One easy way to lose weight? If you are getting less than 7 hours of sleep, try and amp up your shut-eye. There are many scientific studies linking fat loss to getting enough rest. 

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