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I Lost 81 Pounds in a Year and This is What Changed in My Body

Caroline Mabeus details the aftermath of her weight loss journey.
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Sometimes, people focus so much on losing weight that they don't even think about what happens after. Caroline Mabeus (@carolineefitness25) is a social media influencer and weight loss warrior who has lost over 80 pounds "naturally," sharing her health journey with her hundreds of thousands of followers. "I lost 81 pounds in one year. And I'm gonna tell you things that happen when you lose 81 pounds that nobody tells you," she says at the start of the TikTok clip.

You Will Look Like a Different Person

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"First of all, nobody tells you you're gonna look like a totally different person," Caroline reveals. "The amount of people that tell me that they don't recognize me now at 118 pounds versus 200 pounds is insane."

You Will Have Loose Skin

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"You cannot control the loose skin. You're gonna get loose skin. It's inevitable," Caroline continues. "I don't have a ton, but you can't beat yourself up about it because you can't change it. There is nothing you can do to prevent it."

You Will Gain Confidence

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"I'm the most confident I've ever been," Carolina says. "It doesn't mean I don't have loose skin, it doesn't mean I have a perfect body, but weight loss has given me confidence that I didn't even know existed."

Your Voice Will Change

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"My voice is completely different, less breathy," Caroline says. She adds that she isn't out of breath like she used to be "when I walk up and down the stairs."

Your Breasts Might Be Saggy

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"Shaving my armpits is weird," she says, noting that they "go in," she says. "My tits are saggy, and that's okay. They're literally the majority of my loose skin."

You Will See Parts of Your Body You Never Saw

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"Being able to see" part of your body you never saw is game-changing, she says. "Having a stomach in the way and never being able to be the weirdest thing in the entire world."

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You Will Fit Into Small Clothes

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A great change? Going clothes shopping. "It will never get old," she reveals. "Trying on small clothes and having them fit you."

People Will "Hate On You"

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"You're gonna get so much love and so much support on your weight loss journey, but you will also have people who are gonna hate on you," she continues. "People are gonna hate on you at your heaviest, and they're gonna hate on you after you succeed and lose the weight too."

Your Skin Might Break Out

You also might experience skin problems. "My hormones are balancing, and I have acne. See that bad boy right there? Yeah," she says. Body temperature fluctuations are also likely, according to Caroline. "I'm cold 24/7," she reveals in the clip.

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It Might Hurt to Sit

Young woman touching her kidney in pain.

It might hurt to sit, she continues. "I can feel my tailbone when I sit," she says. "It scared me the first time I felt it because I have never felt it."

You Will Notice "Random Bones"

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"Same thing with collarbone and random bones," Caroline says. "I'm like, what is that? Is that supposed to be there? Yes, it is. It's your bone."

You Will "Glow and Thrive"

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Caroline adds that there are so many mental health benefits. "You are going to glow and thrive and be so happy, and you're going to be so grateful for the journey," she says.

However, You Will Also Experience Negativity

Caroline admits that "it's going to be hard," she says. "It's hard at my lowest weight. Even now, when dealing with some of the comments people have to say, telling me that I'm too skinny or that I looked better before," she explains.

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You Will Be Happier Than Ever

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"I still have bad days, and I'm still, you know, trying to get to know this new body," Caroline admits. There are times I don't recognize myself. But most importantly, I've never been as happy or as confident as I am now." And if you enjoyed this article, take advantage of these 15 Quick Ways to Lose Body Fat Percentage in a Week.

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