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4 Things I Did to Lose Stomach Fat

One influencer reveals a few things she did to lose a lot of fat.

DeAsia Green (@deasiagreenn) is a weight loss warrior and influencer who has amassed a TikTok following of over half of a million people. She regularly shares videos revealing all of her tips and tricks on losing weight and burning fat. In one viral video she opens up about a few of the habits that enabled her to get a flat tummy. "4 things I did to lose stomach fat," she writes in the clip. 


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Exercise is the first habit that helped DeAsia blast belly fat. She specifies that "Cardio, especially sprint intervals," were helpful. According to research, sprint intervals burn 40 percent more fat than HIIT workouts in 60 percent less time. Similar to HIIT, it involves running at a high speed for a period of time, followed by a brief rest, and then another sprint, and so on. 

She Made Major Changes to Her Diet


DeAsia also made some major changes to her diet. "Stopped eating out every day and started eating whole foods," she writes in the clip. She eliminated junk food, processed food, and sugar. Studies have found that the more meals you eat at restaurants, the higher your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and early death. And, one study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found meal planning was associated with a healthier diet and less obesity.

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Gym Workouts


Weight and strength training were also impactful in her fat loss. "Creating a gym routine structured around my goals and sticking to it," she writes. According to the Mayo Clinic, strength and weight training help reduce body fat, preserve and increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently. Strength training may also help you:

  • Develop strong bones
  • Manage your weight
  • Enhance your quality of life
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Sharpen your thinking skills

Gut Health


She also prioritized digestion. "Started working to improve my overall gut health," she concluded. There is actual research backing up that certain types of gut bacteria make it harder to lose weight. 

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One Final Tip? Sleep

Woman sleeping in a bed in a dark bedroom

The Diet Diva, Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian, adds one final tip. "I would also add getting 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep," she suggests. "When you're sleep deprived your hunger can be more intense and you turn to comfort food when you're tired."

💪🔥Body Booster: Sprint interval training is significantly more effective in terms of fat loss than HIIT or other types of exercise. 

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