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2/2/2 Method to Shed Fat for Summer

This fitness expert has really good advice.
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TikToker Jenna Rizzo is reminding followers that when it comes to getting fit and toned, it's not something that happens overnight—so the best time to start is now! Rizzo, who is a fitness coach specializing in women's weight loss, swears by the 2/2/2 method, where you follow some very straightforward rules for two weeks. "I've used this method for years & it works like a charm for my girlies who wanna lose weight but have zero idea on where to start🫶🏼," she says. Here's what the method entails.

Two Bottles of Water Every Day

Women holding drinking bottle and opening the cap of a water bottle to drink water.

Drink at least two bottles of water a day. Rizzo doesn't specify how much water should be in each bottle, but it should be enough to keep you hydrated and not too hungry. "You've probably heard the advice to drink eight glasses of water a day. That's easy to remember, and it's a reasonable goal," says the Mayo Clinic.

Two Servings of Fruit Every Day


Eat two servings of fruit every day. "People who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases, such as heart disease, including heart attack and stroke and certain types of cancers," says the USDA. "Eating foods such as fruits that are lower in calories instead of higher-calorie food may be useful in helping to lower calorie intake."

Two Daily Walks

Front view of senior woman hiker standing outdoors in nature at sunset.

Rizzo recommends two walks a day as part of the program. "Walking while listening to music or a podcast can take your mind off the effort," says the NHS. "It can also get you into a rhythm and help you walk faster. You'll be surprised at how fast the time goes when you're walking to your favorite tunes."

Two Servings of Vegetables Every Day

Raw vegetables background. Healthy organic food concept.

Rizzo says to eat two servings of vegetables every day for the two weeks of the program. "Eating vegetables provides health benefits," says the USDA. "Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body, such as vitamins A and C, fiber, folate, and potassium."

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Keep It Going For Two Weeks


Ive used this method for years & it works like a charm for my girlies who wanna lose weight but have zero idea on where to start🫶🏼

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Rizzo recommends sticking to the program for at least two weeks to achieve maximum results. Two weeks is long enough for consistent habits, and it will become easier the longer you do it. The recommendations are all healthy, so going for longer than two weeks works, too.

Tell Friends and Family

my goals - setting goals concept - blank flowchart sketched on a cocktail napkin with a cup of coffee

Rizzo recommends telling friends and family about your fitness goals. This way, you stay accountable. If they're not supportive of your fitness goals, this is giving them clear indication of what your goals are so they are less likely to try and derail your efforts.

Strength Training

Focused woman performing barbell curls at gym, bathed in natural light. Gym workout routine.

Rizzo says if she had to drop 20 pounds before summer, she would do three strength training sessions a week. She makes the point that structured workouts are important—there has to be clear goals. Strength training is especially important to achieve that strong, toned look.

Any Walk Will Do

Back view of a hipster girl walking on city street

Rizzo makes the point that even a 10-15 minute walk will make a difference. Not just for physical benefits, but mental too. "Not only will this help you burn more calories throughout the day, just getting outside and moving is amazing for your mental health," she says.

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Tracking Calories

New Delhi, India 4 September 2023:- My fitness pal app on iphone used to calculate calories

Rizzo says tracking calories is an important part of her weight loss efforts. "I'm tracking my calories to make sure I'm staying in a deficit. But also eating enough," she says.

Tracking Protein

Roasted or seared chicken breast sliced on a cutting board with herbs and spices

Rizzo makes a point to get enough protein in while losing fat. This way she is fully supporting her strength training sessions. "I keep an eye on my protein to make sure my muscles can repair properly, grow back stronger, and boost my metabolism," she says.

Go To Bed

Woman stretching in bed after waking up, back view. Woman sitting near the big white window while stretching on bed after waking up with sunrise at morning, back view.

Rizzo says she goes to bed at the same time every night to get enough sleep. "Sleep is an underrated key to fat loss and most people do not get enough," she says. Rizzo makes sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Fermented Foods

Kimchi cabbage, cucumber and radish in a jar, Korean food

Rizzo says eating fermented foods is very helpful for weight loss, and getting a flatter stomach. "These are foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha," she says. "These foods are loaded with nutrients and a good bacteria called probiotics."

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Add Protein To All Snacks

Chicken Breast on Food Scale with Mushrooms and Spinach

Rizzo recommends adding protein to every meal and snack. Why? Protein keeps you feeling more full, and it encourages fat burning. It also creates a nice muscle tone, she points out.

Eat More Food

Image of happy excited young friends loving couple chefs on the kitchen eat tasty pasta.

Rizzo makes it clear that for both the 2/2/2 method and life in general, you need to be eating over 1000 calories a day. This is important for fueling your workouts and being healthy. "This means more lean meat, seafood, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, more whole grains, more fiber," she says.

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Ditch the Scales

Check your body shape with white weight scales, top view.

Rizzo admits scales are useful in tracking progress, but it can be stressful if for any reason weight goes up. Rizzo recommends taking measurements instead, and taking progress pictures. "Just going off how you feel is a much better way to track progress than just the scale alone," she says.

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