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I Transformed My Body From Flabby to Firm and Here Are My 3 Secrets

Personal trainer reveals her secrets to achieving the best body ever.
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Are you ready to commit to a full-body transformation? Getting in shape doesn't have to be complicated, according to Sadie Rigby, a social media influencer and personal trainer with over 220,000 followers on Instagram. Rigby regularly shares her personal transformation story and how she achieved her best body ever with her "strong, not skinny" approach to health. In a recent Instagram post, she revealed a few of the secrets that helped her get in shape. "These 3 things will keep you on track," she writes.

Focus on Getting Stronger


Her first secret? "Focus on getting stronger, not getting smaller by weight training!" Rigby says. "It will give you the muscle tone you need and lean you out faster."

Up Your Protein Intake

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Her second recommendation: Get enough protein. "One gram of protein for every pound of body weight daily," Rigby says.

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Fall in Love with the Process


The final secret is learning to workout and eat right because of how it makes you feel. "If you're only doing it because you want to look good, you won't be consistent enough, or you'll take an unsustainable approach," Rigby says. "It becomes a habit when you love the process. Set goals to hit and fall in love with getting your body stronger! You can become addicted to how good it makes you feel with just a little consistency and the right mindset! It feels so good to see what your body can do!"

Other Tips: Use Progressive Overload


Sadie is a fan of progressive overload, "gradually increasing the stress on our muscles," she says in a post. The first way to do it? "Increase time under tension (add a pulse, slow down the exercise, do tempo work)," she says. The second is by increasing the weight lifted, "or adding a band," Rigby suggests. Finally, the third is to increase volume, "add reps and/or sets," she says.

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You Don't Need to Do Cardio to Lose Weight


Rigby explains in another post that you don't need to do cardio first to lose weight and then follow up with weight training. "Weight training is your #1 tool for targeting fat! This is because it boosts your metabolism while forcing your body to cling to its muscle! So this means even after a weight lifting workout, you are still burning a higher amount of energy for 12-24 hours after your workout as your body repairs your muscles," Rigby says.

Take Creatine

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"Creatine is the most effective muscle-building supplement out there!" Sadie claims in another post. "Creatine works by recycling ATP (your body's energy source). The more creatine stored in muscle, the more energy available for working muscle. This is why creatine improves athletic performance. Creatine is SAFE! It's one of the most studied supplements, and it occurs naturally in your body! It's also found in meat/fish. It is important for eye, digestive, skin, and brain health. It also helps reduce mental fatigue and improves memory. BUT creatine does not work unless you do! You need to be lifting heavy to see the benefits. But creatine will help you do that! I personally started my creatine journey a couple of months ago, and I have seen noticeable benefits in my workouts! I feel like I can lift heavier, and I have slightly better workout endurance."

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Consistency Is Key


"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently!" Sadie explains in a recent post. "Consistency with my physical fitness has made every season of life more enjoyable! Life changes, and so will our bodies, but that doesn't mean we can't be the strongest versions of ourselves in every season of life!"

💪🔥Body Booster: Before you start on your body transformation journey, pay attention to how everything makes you feel – not just how you look.

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