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Fitness Pro Chanel Delisser Flaunts Six-Pack and Fat Loss Tips

Here is how she burns fat and stays fit. 
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Chanel Delisser is flaunting her six-pack. In a new social media post the influencer and fitness guru shows off her famous figure in a number of ab-baring outfits. "Transformation begins outside of your comfort zone," she wrote in her Instagram post. "PurrrFection 🔥🥊🎯🎤" commented one of her followers. "That girl 🔥❤️" commented another. How does Chanel keep her body chiseled? Body Network has all the details on how she burns fat and stays fit.  


Do These 6 Things to Shed Fat

According to Chanel, if you do a few things for 30 days you can shed fat fast. 

  • NO alcohol
  • NO fast food/ processed foods
  • NO sweets/ sugars
  • NO soda or juice
  • Increase water intake
  • Do any form of cardio at least 3x/week


This Is Her 20-Minute Stairmaster Routine

In another post, Chanel revealed a "20 Minute Stairmaster routine" that helps burn fat. 

  1. Steady pace… 12 minutes (level 6 – 7)
  2. As fast as you can… 2 minutes (level 10 – 12)
  3. Skip a step… 2 minutes (level 3 – 4)
  4. Side steps … 2 minutes each side (level 6 – 7)

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Discipline and Consistency

According to Chanel, getting in shape boils down to a few simple habits. "Discipline leads to habits. Habits lead to consistency. Consistency leads to growth!"


Here Is What Chanel Eats in a Day

Chanel recently detailed her diet in an Instagram video. For breakfast she eats oatmeal with granola, blueberries, pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut flakes. Then she has a GNC meal replacement shake. Lunch is a chicken salad, followed by a fruit bowl for a mid-afternoon snack. For dinner she has shrimp, brown rice, and broccolini. 

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More Healthy Habits

In another post, she offered a few simple suggestions on how to stay on track – even during the holidays. 
"Schedule your workouts into your daily routine so that you're less likely to skip it," she suggested. "Stick to your workout routine and increase hydration by drinking more water," she added. "Prioritize at least 30 minutes of movement daily (i.e. walking, running, weight lifting, etc.)," and finally she said to "prioritize sleep."

💪🔥Body Booster: Doing a little bit of work ahead of time – by scheduling workouts, planning your diet, and setting hydration goals – will help you stay accountable and create healthy habits that are easy to incorporate into your life. 

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