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Britany Williams in Crop Top Shares 20-Minute Full Body Strength Workout

Here is the simple workout – and some other of her best get-fit tips.
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Britany Williams is showing off her washboard abs – and unveiling the quick workout behind them. In a new social media post, the personal trainer and influencer flaunts her amazing midsection in bike shorts and a matching crop top while revealing a 20-minute workout that trains your whole body and needs minimal equipment. "Short on time? This FULL BODY STRENGTH workout is exactly what you need – only one dumbbell required!" she captioned the post. Here is the simple workout – and some other of her best get-fit tips.

Here Are the Rules


Before you start, Britany offers the following guidelines.

🔸 Pick 5-6 exercises

🔸 10 reps (or 8 per side)

🔸 4 rounds

🔸 Rest as needed

Choose From These 10 Exercises


▪️ Alt Step Out Snatch

▪️ Sumo Squat Bicep Curl to Raise

▪️ Split Squat Tricep Extension

▪️ Offset RDL to Upright Row

▪️ Lat Pullover Crunch

▪️ Birddog Row

▪️ Chest Press Scissor Switch

▪️ Kneel to Squat

▪️ Tricep Skullcrusher Supine March

▪️ Chest Press Glute Bridge

Build Your Plate Around Food That Makes You Happy

Photo of excited beautiful young pretty woman sitting in cafe indoors have a breakfast eating salad

Britany doesn't believe that eating healthy should be about restrictions. In a TikTok clip, she stresses that changing mindset and designing meals around foods that make you happy is important. "Often we leave off the foods that give us joy when building our plate. When in reality, what if we started there? What if when you were building your meal plan or your diet or your whatever it is, what if you started your meal plan with keeping in the foods that make you happy and then you had to build around that? What on my plate today supports my nutrition and supports my goals, but what also supports my joy?" she says.

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This Hack Will Help You When You Are Not Motivated


"If you're the kind of girly who's motivated most days to workout, but then there's that one to two days a week that you just struggle with, save your upper body workouts for those days," she suggests. "Mentally, there is something easier about standing still and just moving weight around with your arms and upper body than there is about having to lower your entire torso down into a squat or a lunge and getting back up. Zero percent backed by science, but a hundred percent backed by my own personal experience."

Take a Run


Britany is big into running, which is great for cardiovascular health, muscle building, and weight loss, says the Mayo Clinic. "For every mile run, the average person will burn approximately 100 calories," they say. If you need tips on how to "make it a little easier" to go running, Britany is your girl. "Number one, sometimes run without your watch. Get used to how your body feels without always worrying about pace. Number two, a quick warmup is a game changer before longer runs, especially if you run in the morning. Number three, if you're a beginner, take breaks. Alternate walking and running for one minute intervals, increasing the length of the run interval every couple of weeks. Number four, get the right shoes. I get new shoes every 400 miles or so, and my knees thank me every time. And number five, realize every step forward, whether it be for five minutes or for an hour, is a step forward in your goals," she says in a TikTok clip.

Push Through Pushups

Sporty Asian woman doing push-ups outdoors

Britany has "struggled with pushups for years" and knows how to make them easier "The idea of doing pushups on your toes was just never approachable for you. You need to elevate your hands on a chair. The higher your hands are relative to your feet, the easier it's going to be and it's going to be so helpful," she says.

Don't Punish Yourself if You Don't Work Out


Britany, a new mom, reminds her followers that it's okay to go through periods where exercise isn't a priority. "I went from working out 6 days a week religiously to having more days where I don't work out than days that I do. 🫠I share this not as a get out of jail free card – I don't want you to skip your workout. I share this so you know that it's normal to have seasons of life where work outs are sporadic and short. You've just gotta focus on showing up when you can," she writes.

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Keep Going


"If you could tell 23 year old you one thing about your fitness journey what would it be? 23 year old me was doing @kayla_itsines pdfs unsure of how to get stronger or properly do any exercise other than running. If I could sit down with that version of me now my message would be simple: KEEP GOING," she wrote in a recent post. "After a decade of set backs, failures, and years of self doubt, I now know that the beauty is in putting in the work. And now, as I go into my fourth year standing alongside Kayla as a @sweat trainer, it's my turn to share the message with the tens of thousands of you that workout with me: KEEP GOING. Keep fighting for your fitness goals, for your dream life, for your happiness. It's worth it. The days will be long. But it is worth it. **Success isn't overnight. There's years of blood sweat and tears that got me from one point to the other – don't let silly Instagram make you think otherwise."

💪🔥Body Booster: Mindset is crucial when it comes to getting into shape. Try and motivate yourself in positive ways and avoid punishment if you want long-term success.

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