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10 Tai Chi Moves to Reverse Aging in 80 Days

These exercises will make you happy, inside and out.
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Tai chi is a wonderfully gentle—yet effective—method of exercise for both mental and physical wellbeing. "A growing body of carefully conducted research is building a compelling case for tai chi as an adjunct to standard medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age," says Harvard Health. "When you practice tai chi, you're not trying to see how fast you can move," personal trainer and Oriental medicine specialist Tim Sobo, LAc, CPT, CES, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "Your goal is to make the moves flow together. You move your whole body as a unit. And because strength and balance are required, tai chi is great for your muscles and bones."

Here are ten tai chi exercises for beginners from Master JianFeng Chen, International Grand Champion in Tai Chi, to help you look and feel younger.

Preparing Form

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"Names like Yang, Wu, and Cheng are given to various branches of tai chi, in honor of people who devised the sets of movements called forms," says Harvard Health. "Certain programs emphasize the martial arts aspect of tai chi rather than its potential for healing and stress reduction."

Right Grasp the Bird's Tail


"It's sometimes called 'meditation in motion' because it's a series of exercises that can help harmonize your body's energy and mind," Sobo explains.

Single Whip


"In some forms, you learn long sequences of movements, while others involve shorter series and more focus on breathing and meditation," says Harvard Health. "The name is less important than finding an approach that matches your interests and needs."

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Lift Hands


"Tai chi doesn't call for the same flexibility as yoga, nor is it as strenuous as other forms of exercise, making it easier on your joints and muscle," says the Cleveland Clinic. "You should always check with a healthcare provider before starting a new activity, including tai chi. But on the whole, because it's so low-impact, people of nearly any age can practice tai chi."

White Crane Spreads Wings


"The practice of being mindful is a great stress reliever," Sobo says. "Tai chi's movements require you to focus on breathing and movement together, so you're focused on what you're doing rather than on everything else going on in your life."

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Brush Knee Push


"Taking a class may be the best way to learn tai chi," says Harvard Health. "Seeing a teacher in action, getting feedback, and experiencing the camaraderie of a group are all pluses."

Fist Across the Body

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"Since it's not weight training or long-distance running, many people can safely do 20 minutes of tai chi every day," Sobo says. "Your body doesn't need a day to recover."

Roll Back and Press


"You don't need special equipment or expertise to start doing tai chi," says the Cleveland Clinic. "You can do it at home using instructional videos, making it a free or low-cost option."

Step Forward, Block, Parry, Punch


"Choose loose-fitting clothes that don't restrict your range of motion," says Harvard Health. "You can practice barefoot or in lightweight, comfortable, and flexible shoes."

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Withdraw and Push


"Although you aren't working with weights or resistance bands, the unsupported arm exercise involved in tai chi strengthens your upper body," says Harvard Health. "Tai chi strengthens both the lower and upper extremities as well as the core muscles of the back and abdomen."

💪🔥Body Booster: Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for your tai chi session.

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