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I Lost 70 Pounds From Walking and This Is Exactly How I Did It

Joy Maria reveals how she snuck walks into her day. 
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Do you want to accelerate your weight loss? Go on a hot girl walk. Joy Maria (@therealjoyymaria) is a weight loss influencer and mother who lost 70 pounds in less than 11 months. One of her secret weight loss weapons? "Hot girl walks," she reveals in a video. "Walking is a thousand percent, the most underrated way to lose weight," she adds, "and one of my favorite things to do is walk." Here is everything you need to know about how she lost weight, including some great walking tips. 

She Walks to Run Her Errands

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"So this morning I worked out with my trainer from 7:30 to 9:00 am, and I have a Tesla. I had to charge my car. So while my car is charging, I'm walking to Target. It's about two miles there and back. And so I got my cardio in for the day. I got my training session in for the day, all by 10:00 AM," she says. 

She Recommends Walking After a Workout to "Cool Down"


"I love walking after training because it's low impact, and my trainer's pretty intense. So it's just kind of like my cool down. I can listen to podcasts, I can answer emails, I can talk on the phone, scroll on TikTok, whatever. So get to walking, sis," she says. 

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Calorie Deficit


In another video she details "exactly" how she went from 230 pounds to 160 pounds in 10 to 11 months. "If somebody is telling you that you can lose weight without being in a calorie deficit run because they're lying," she continues, calling it "the most important step" to losing weight. "I know you guys have heard the saying, you cannot outrun a bad diet, and it's so true. Google, TDEE calculator. From there, put in your information. I'm gonna tell you exactly how many calories you need to eat. I ate about 1600 to 1800 calories daily, just depending on my activity level for the day. If I did two workouts that day, I would eat closer to 1800. If I had a more sedentary day, I would eat closer to 1500 to 1600."

Meal Plan


Next she recommends a meal plan. "I have a seven day meal plan available at the top of my profile. It just makes it really easy when you're going to a grocery shop, when you're first starting out, when things are structured, it's gonna make it a lot easier to follow and just to stay consistent, not skipping breakfast, especially if we're exercising."

Here Is What She Eats in a Day


Her favorite breakfast is "avocado toast on sourdough bread, one hard boiled egg," which she seasons, adding truffle hot sauce, two pieces of bacon, and one piece of sausage. "High protein, good, healthy fat, and a healthy balance of carbs," she says. "This can also be a breakfast or a lunch because it is super filling." Another favorite is yogurt bowls made with Dannon Light and Fit Greek yogurt with granola blackberries and blueberries. She also likes tunacado sandwiches with sourdough bread, cheese, tomato, avocado, and pesto basil spread. For dinner she might have a small bowl of Turkey chili.


Eight glasses of water a day

She also drinks "a ton" of water, "like a gallon of water a day," she says. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that men should drink about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day and women about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids. Why is hydration so important? Water helps get rid of waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements, keeps your temperature normal, lubricates and cushions joints, and helps protect sensitive tissues, according to Mayo Clinic

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Working Out

Women doing pilates exercises lying on pilates workout machines while their trainer guides them. Two fitness women being trained by a pilates instructor.

Working out is the "second most important part," she says. "I was taking group classes when it first started. They were high intensity bootcamp. From there, I got a trainer at the same gym. I also work out on my own. If the gym intimidates you, I strongly recommend you guys try some group fitness classes. They're a really great way to hold yourself accountable because you're in a group setting and the people around you can motivate you," she adds. "I incorporated Pilates about nine to 10 months into my fitness journey, and I wish I would've done it sooner."

💪🔥Body Booster: If you are working out but not seeing the weight loss results you desire, add walking to your routine every day. 

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