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5 Habits from Fitness Trainer Krissy Cela That Could "Change Your Life"

Here are her game-changing habits.
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Krissy Cela is a fitness influencer with 3.3 million Instagram followers. She is also the co-founder and lead trainer at Evolve You, an online fitness community where she helps other people achieve their dream bodies. With her flat abs and toned arms and legs, it is clear she knows some of the secrets to staying in shape. In a new social media post she reveals a few simple lifestyle changes that can help you achieve your fitness goals – and flashes her flat midsection to prove it. "Habits that have truly changed my life and I hope will help yours," she writes in the post. 

Prep Yourself for Your Workout the Night Before

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Cela's first healthy habit is easy: Prep yourself for your workout the night before by simply laying out your workout clothes. "It's a small win but one that's helped me with mental fatigue. When you know what you're wearing you don't need to stress about it, she says. 

Meal Prep


Her second tip? Meal prep for the week ahead. "I have to always meal prep it just sets me up to succeed and also it saves money," she says in the post.  In the clip, she makes a batch of food and separates it into glass containers. 

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Having a Set Gym Program


Her third tip? "Having a set gym program and not doing random workouts," she writes. "I can seriously bet my entire life… not even bantering that the moment you have a set gym program you will absolutely see your entire life change."

Keeping Your Clothes Organized


She also swears by keeping her clothes organized. "Clean space clean mind so keep your area organized. If it takes less than 1 min to put away do it now not later," she says. She even hangs all her sports bras and organizes them by color so selecting a matching workout ensemble is even easier. 

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Waking Up Earlier


"Waking up 30-40 minutes early so I don't rush," is her final game-changing habit. "Finally waking up a little earlier just for me not to rush has been the biggest blessing! I used to wake up last minute and feel so anxious all morning," she writes. 

💪🔥Body Booster: The more preparation the better. If you meal prep, you are increasing your chances of eating healthy. If you put out your clothes the night before, you are more likely to get up and exercise. 

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