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I Lost 60 Pounds by Following a Few Simple Food Rules

Shawndra Sublett reveals the dietary changes she made to lose weight.
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Shawndra Sublett, Lead Teacher, YogaSix DTC, is a yoga instructor who personally lost a whopping 60 pounds by making a few impactful lifestyle changes, primarily in regard to her workout routine and diet. "My diet has evolved a lot in the last several years," she tells The Body Network. What does she eat and what are the rules she follows on a daily basis? Here is everything you need to know about her diet. 

Small Portion Sizes

Hands holding salmon and buckwheat dish with green beans, broad beans, and tomato slices. Nutritious dish with vegetables and fish from above. Healthy balanced diet

Shawndra pays attention to portion size. "I only have a serving that can fit in my hand," she says.  

She Takes Time Before Allowing Herself Seconds

Intermittent fasting concept with a woman sitting hungry in front of food and looking at her watch to make sure she breaks fast on the correct time. A dietary modification for healthy lifestyle.

Shawndra also allows herself time before going for seconds "because usually, we are full but our desire for more of the good taste can trick us into thinking we are still hungry," she says. 

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She Tries Not to Eat Alone

Close up new white porcelain tableware plates on purple place mats and empty wine glasses ready for dinner. Table settings wait for guests at home or restaurant, artificial potted plant for decoration

Shawndra also tries to eat with company "as it helps you enjoy your meal more than eating alone and if you live alone, eat at the table without television," she says. 

She Includes Whole Foods


Shawndra tries to include whole foods that are detoxifying "such as broccoli, beets, carrots, turmeric, lemon, avocados, and nuts," she says, "to help cleanse from environmental pollutants, and help with digestion, and inflammation."

She Is an "Intuitive Eater"

Ketogenic low carbs diet concept. Healthy eating and dieting with salmon fish, avocado, eggs and nuts. Top view

"I was a strict vegan for years, have tried Keto and other diet fads over the years, and now consider myself an 'intuitive eater'" Shawndra explains. "Along with my fitness journey I have found value in keeping my diet diverse and well rounded."

She Drinks Lots of Fluids

Woman squeezes lemon juice into a glass.

"I like to begin my day with a saltwater/lemon cleanse, swish coconut oil, and drink mushroom tea," says Shawndra. She also drinks at least 36 ounces of juice throughout the day.

She Doesn't Eat Until Afternoon

The clock is at 12:00 noon for lunch in a wooden dish.

"I usually eat my first meal in the early afternoon, which is usually very light with some fish or chicken salad and a vegetable. I enjoy a full dinner of protein and plenty of vegetables, specifically a dark green leafy or broccoli," she says. "Depending on my emotional state (because my eating habits are directly linked to my emotional state) I'll have dessert which can range from fruit, sorbet to a slice of cake."

Here Is What She Doesn't Eat

Shawndra Sublett

Shawndra avoids "processed foods of any kind & sugar," seed oils and caffeine. "I tend to stay away from any meat that is not locally sourced if I can," she adds. "I have not completely eliminated any food although I closely monitor my dairy intake. I work to eliminate processed sugar and sodium, so I try to prepare all of my meals or when eating out make selections from the salad menu."

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Her Number 1 Tip: Start a Journal

diary of food eaten throughout the day when on a diet (shallow DOF)

Shawndra's number one tip? "Start a food journal of everything you eat and why," she says. "It will tell the complete story and help identify behaviors and patterns that can't be denied and should be eliminated as well as any emotional ties that should be addressed."

💪🔥Body Booster: If you aren't sure where to start when it comes to changing your diet, writing down everything you eat in a day in a food journal will help you identify problem areas.

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