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Here Is How to Get "Tank Top Arms" for Summer

Here is the workout that will tone and sculpt your arms fast.
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Do you want to get your arms toned and sculpted in time for summer? Emily Ogan is a fitness coach and trainer who boasts over 284k,000 Instagram followers. She regularly shares workouts on how to get fit fast, helping "busy women find balance + results" through exercise and counting macros. She recently shared a new tank top arms workout, "to get those arms strong, toned, and ready for summer!"

Don't Be Afraid to Lift Heavy

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"Arm strength is so important for our ever day life 💪🏼- think about how often we're carrying, lifting, pushing, and pulling every day🙌🏼! When lifting arms, don't be afraid to lift heavy- those last 2 reps should be a STRUGGLE," Emily says.

Tank Top Arms Workout


Emily shares her Tank Top Arms Workout: 1-2-3 Pod Style. "Complete all moves in the pod for recommended reps and sets (1st move is 1 set, 2nd move is 2 sets, 3rd move is 3 sets) before moving to next pod," she says.

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Pod 1

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💪🏼Bicep 30s (10 wide, 10 neutral, 10 v)- x1

💪🏼Alternating hammer curls: 15 reps total x2

💪🏼Bicep Curls: 10 reps x 3

Pod 2

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💪🏼Weighted Dips: 20 reps x 1

💪🏼Kickbacks: 15 reps x 2

💪🏼Skull crushers: 10 reps x 3

Why You Need to Lift Heavy Enough

In another post, she discusses the importance of lifting heavy enough. "Well how heavy exactly? Is 10 lbs heavy? Or should I be closer to 30 lbs? How do you even know?" she asks. "When following a strength training routine (which, if you're over 35 you NEED to be doing 3-4x a week) lifting heavy is the way to go if you're trying to burn fat, build lean toned muscles, and reshape your body."

If the Last 2-3 Reps of a Set Aren't Hard, Your Weights Aren't Heavy Enough

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"Let's break down what lifting heavy means, exactly," she says. "The last 2-3 reps of a set should be hard…as in you can still complete them with proper form but BARELY. This is typically considered getting 'to failure'- but you don't have to go this far at every set! However, by the end of the set, you shouldn't have more than another rep or 2 in you while keeping good form."

Form Should Be Top Priority


"Form should always be your top priority," she reveals. "But as you progress and nail your form, don't doubt how strong you are. Women often underestimate how much they can lift, especially in the legs + glutes. Challenge yourself within reason- increase in small percentages while maintaining excellent form, and you'll be surprised at how much you'll be able to add over time."

You Should Need to Rest Between Sets

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You should need to rest between sets, she adds. "At the end of a set, you should feel your heart bumpin' and like you need to walk it off for a minute. Similar to running, if you're able to maintain an easy conversation during your set, it's not heavy enough! When you find yourself gritting your teeth, grunting, or forcefully exhaling, you're probably in the sweet spot." She adds: "Remember: if you're cruising through your sets and don't feel the need to rest- it's time to up your weights!"

She Recommends Progressive Overload

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"Lifting with a program focused on progressive overload (gradually increasing intensity in variety of methods) will give you the BEST results are the most effective and efficient workouts," she concludes.

💪🔥Body Booster: If you are doing an arm workout and the last two to three reps aren't hard, you need to up your weights.

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