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Chloe Ting is a fitness influencer who boasts over 25 million followers on YouTube. Her videos and fitness programs help millions of people get into shape. In a new social media post, the 37-year-old shows off her famous figure while modeling onesies. "Which outfit do u prefer?! I'm rly liking onesies/jumpsuits lately," she captioned the post. "Girl you could wear a paper bag and look good," one of her 2.5 million Instagram followers commented. "Actually everything looks good on you," agreed another. How does Chloe stay in shape? The Body Network rounded up some of her top get-fit tips.

Go At Your Own Pace

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First, Chloe suggests starting at your own pace. "Starting out can be very overwhelming as there are things to consider such as your diet, your form, your consistency, etc. The one thing you need to focus on as a beginner is your mindset," she tells Her World. "You need to be committed to this and be able to identify what is possible for you today and what is your limit. Some people go cold turkey and jump on a diet or start intense exercises, and there's no sustainability with that. Start small, make incremental changes, and build strength over time and it's all a gradual process."

Exercise for Your Health


Exercise is more about feeling good than looking good, says Chloe. "I've been working out for about six years now, and my journey started because I wasn't in a good place mentally. I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety, and also had a history of being bullied at work so I ended up taking a break from work," she told Her World. "With more time to spend on self-care, I gained an interest in fitness and I was just drawn to getting myself physically stronger. This then had a huge positive impact on my mental health. Besides that, I've also suffered from gut-related health issues, which have impacted my quality of life, but thankfully I'm in a better place now, both mentally and physically, and using my platform to spread positivity and self-love."

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Exercise When It Works for You


Chloe suggests incorporating exercise into your day, wherever it fits. "It's become a routine for me to work out in the morning, and checking that off early in the day makes me feel accomplished as I move on to my next task of the day," Chloe adds. "I think everyone's strategy to stay motivated is a little different. You have to identify what would work for you and give yourself time to build up that familiarity in your schedule so that it becomes a natural routine."

Do Burpees

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Chloe's favorite exercise? "Burpees for sure, as it's such an effective exercise, but there are lots of modifications you can add to it to make it more fun," she says.

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Chloe maintains a healthy diet – most of the time. What is her guilty pleasure? "Definitely chocolates and it's not something I'll ever get sick of!" she tells the publication.

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