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10 Simple Exercises for Toned Arms You Can Do at Home

No equipment needed.
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Want beautifully strong, toned arms but have no time or inclination for the gym? We talked to celebrity personal trainer Kollins Ezekh about the best exercises you can do for toned arms right from the safety and comfort of your home. "These exercises can be done with minimal equipment, using just your body weight and household furniture, making them perfect for a home workout routine to tone your arms," Ezekh tells Body Network. Read on to find out more.


Close Up of a Beautiful Fitness Girl in an Athletic Top Doing Push Up Exercises While Using a Stopwatch on Her Phone. She is Training at Home in Her Living Room with Minimalistic Interior.

Push-ups require no equipment whatsoever. "Push-ups are a versatile exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core," Ezekh says. "They help build upper body strength and improve muscle endurance."

Tricep Dips

Fitness workout at home. Healthy fit young woman doing triceps dips exercise in the living room.

All you need for tricep dips is a bench or chair that stays put. "Using a sturdy chair or bench, tricep dips focus on the triceps," Ezekh says. "They also engage the shoulders and chest, providing a comprehensive upper body workout."

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Plank to Push-Up

Strong Beautiful Fitness Girl in Athletic Workout Clothes is Doing a Plank Exercise While Using a Stopwatch on Her Phone. She is Training at Home in Her Living Room with Cozy Interior.

Plank to push-up is an advanced bodyweight exercise. "This exercise targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders while engaging the core," Ezekh says. "It improves upper body strength and stability."

Arm Circles

Woman, weightlifting and exercise with dumbbells for training, workout or muscle gain on outdoor balcony. Young female person with small barbells for sport, fitness or health and wellness in nature

Arm circles require no equipment. "Arm circles are an effective way to tone the shoulders and arms," Ezekh says. "They improve muscle endurance and help warm up the shoulder joints."

Diamond Push-Ups

Young man in good physical shape, with bow tie, shirtless, and shorts, doing diamond-style push-ups on a mat on the floor in his bachelor's room, training

Diamond push-ups are another arm workout that you can do anywhere. "Diamond push-ups are a variation that places more emphasis on the triceps and inner chest muscles," Ezekh says. "They enhance upper body strength and arm definition."

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Side view of handsome fit muscular caucasian man doing inchworms exercise and looking at camera.

Try inchworms for another arm exercise you can do at home. "Inchworms target the shoulders, chest, and triceps while also engaging the core," Ezekh says. "This dynamic exercise improves flexibility and upper body strength."

Elevated Push-Ups

Fitness woman doing feet elevated push-ups on a bench in the city. Sporty girl exercising outdoors

Elevated push-ups need a sturdy platform. "Using a chair or a low table, elevated push-ups increase the intensity on the upper chest and shoulders," Ezekh says. "They help build strength and endurance."

Shoulder Taps

Close up woman hand doing push ups exercise in a gym in morning, sunlight effect.

Shoulder taps are another arm exercise that you don't need equipment for. "In a plank position, tapping each shoulder alternately targets the shoulders, triceps, and core," Ezekh says. "This exercise enhances stability and upper body strength."

Tricep Extensions

Fitness arm workout Asian girl training triceps muscles doing tricep overhead extension exercise outdoor in park banner. Happy athlete working out outside with pink dumbbells.

Tricep extensions can be done with dumbbells, but a heavy bottle does the job, too. "Using your own body weight or household items like water bottles, tricep extensions focus on isolating and strengthening the triceps," Ezekh says.

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Wall Push-Ups

Sporty woman doing press ups against a white wall outside.

Wall push-ups require no equipment and can be done practically anywhere. "Wall push-ups are a great beginner exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps," Ezekh says. "They help build foundational upper body strength."

💪🔥Body Booster: Use household furniture like low tables, a bench, or a chair for arm workouts. Pay attention to form to make sure you are getting the most out of your exercises.

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