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10 Quick Exercises to Firm Up Loose Skin in 10 Days

Here are ten ways to help beat loose skin.
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Saggy skin can happen for many reasons—age, weight loss, genetics, pregnancy and childbirth… the list goes on. While severe loose skin can be problematic to deal with, certain exercises can help form up milder loose skin, and make a difference to confidence and appearance. "As we age, the outer layer of our skin—the part we see and feel—gets thicker and drier while the inner layer thins, resulting in flakiness, wrinkling, and sagging," Stanley Kovak, M.D., founder of Kovak Dermatology and Laser Institute in Illinois, tells Silver Sneakers. Here are 10 ways to help beat loose skin.

Regular Exercise

Citizen in grey sport trousers holding the kettlebell between her legs by the handle with both hands

Get moving! Any exercise helps improve skin appearance. "More blood flow to the area allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin, which makes it easier for your body to generate new, healthy skin cells," dermatologist  Neal Schultz, MD, tells Silver Sneakers.


Fit woman practicing fitness, doing bodyweight squat exercise.

Squats can help firm up thighs and buttocks. "You can find many guided leg workouts online through sites such as YouTube or look into classes at your local gym. Within a few weeks, you may find any sagging or cellulite near your thighs is much less noticeable as you begin to develop muscle and possibly lose fat," according to



Lunges help tighten up legs and glutes. As they help build muscle, lunges may help improve the appearance of sagging skin. "When you regularly squat, you strengthen and build the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments that make up our joints involved in squats," says strength and conditioning coach Jake Boly for BarBend.

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Bicep Curls

Woman training in gym room ready for fitness biceps exercises

Bicep curls can help firm up upper arms. "Bicep curls are a great way to build muscle tone, improve balance and prevent elbow problems," according to ASFA. "They can also help you gain extra strength in your arms so that you can easily lift heavy objects."

Leg Lifts

Fit woman doing hanging leg lifts abs muscles exercise on horisontal bar working out outside.

Leg lifts help firm up the lower abs and inner thighs. Working on strengthening inner thighs, also known as adductor muscles, is extremely important for both men and women, and has many unexpected benefits," board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Struhl tells NBC News.


Strong Beautiful Fitness Girl in Athletic Workout Clothes is Doing a Plank Exercise While Using a Stopwatch on Her Phone. She is Training at Home in Her Living Room with Cozy Interior.

Planks work your deep core muscles, which help firm up the skin on top." The plank is one of those jack-of-all-trades exercises you can carry in your back pocket to strengthen not only your core but also your chest, arms, back, legs, and booty," NASM-certified trainer Nicole Blades tells Prevention. "A plank with proper form can help improve your posture, too. The best part is, this dynamic move doesn't require any equipment. It's a total bodyweight exercise."

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Mountain Climbers


Mountain climbers are a full-body exercise that help tighten up the triceps. "Mountain climbers are a great way to work your core, particularly your hip flexors, and abdominals," says the ASFA. "This is useful for your posture and back health and for preventing injury."

Bicycle Crunch

Young sporty woman practicing, doing crisscross exercise, bicycle crunches pose, working out, wearing sportswear, black pants and top, indoor full length, white sport studio

Bicycle crunches can help tone and tighten abs and obliques for that six-pack look. "Bicycle crunches are a great exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles," says the ASFA. "You can perform them in many different ways, and they will also help you lose weight."

Reverse Crunch

Cute girl with dark hair wearing pink snickers, dark leggings and black short top doing reverse crunch at gym, fitness, white wall and wooden floor.

Reverse crunches are great for targeting lower ab muscles. "Don't let your knees move past your hips too quickly," certified trainer Stephanie Mansour tells TODAY. "Control the movement of your lower body and move purposefully to engage your core more effectively.

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Tricep Dips

Woman exercising working out triceps and biceps doing dips with own bodyweight

Tricep dips help tone and tighten shoulders and arms. No dumbbells needed! "Triceps dips are a bodyweight exercise that helps to build strength in your arms, shoulders, and chest," Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin tells Peloton's The Output. "It calls on stabilizing muscles, which aid in supporting the upper body, which makes this a great exercise to perform not only for aesthetics but also functional purposes."

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