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Top 8 Superfood Breakfasts You Should Eat Every Day to Lose Weight

These breakfasts are delicious and filling.
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A good breakfast can make a big difference to how you feel for the whole day. "Breakfast is important for several reasons," registered dietitian Charlotte Furman tells UW Medical Center. "Eating a meal in the morning provides the necessary fuel for your body and brain. It can also help regulate hunger, reducing the urge to snack throughout the day. For children, eating breakfast has been positively associated with academic performance, as well as a decreased risk of obesity." Here are eight breakfasts packed with superfoods to help with weight loss and start the day off on the best note.

Berries and Yogurt

Greek yogurt strawberry parfaits with fresh berries. toning. selective focus

A yogurt and fruit bowl with added seeds/grains/nuts is a great option for a healthy, delicious breakfast. "The fruit is not a token sprinkle, nor a decorative touch," Monique Tello, MD, MPH, tells Harvard Health. "The fruit makes up the bulk of this meal. There's fiber in the fruit and plant sugars in their natural form, not to mention healthy fat in the nuts and protein in the yogurt. A low-sugar yogurt will leave us feeling more satisfied for longer. We won't get the insulin spike that triggers hunger pangs (unlike when we eat processed carbs)."

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Overnight Oats


Overnight oats are a convenient, healthy breakfast option. "Many breakfast foods can be prepped in advance or require very little preparation," Furman says. "One of my favorite breakfasts when I have little time is overnight oatmeal. Oatmeal can be combined with fruit & milk (any kind) and put in the refrigerator the night before and is ready to eat in the morning – no cooking required!"

Eggs or Egg Whites

Poached eggs

Eggs are versatile, delicious, and packed with nutrients. "Many breakfast meats are high in sodium and saturated fat, which could increase your low-density lipoprotein (LDL, otherwise known as 'bad') cholesterol levels," registered dietitian Melinda Gong tells UC Davis Health. "Instead, swap that meat for a hard-boiled egg. Eggs contain protein and fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins D and E. If you want to consume less cholesterol, egg whites also provide a lot of protein without any added fat and cholesterol. A breakfast sandwich made up of a whole grain English muffin, one egg and a slice of tomato or avocado is a balanced breakfast that will keep you going all morning."

Whole Grain Cereal

Whole grain cereal in a bow on a blue background

Try a whole grain cereal packed with fiber to start the day on the right foot. "A healthy cereal is one that is minimally processed and is not full of added sugars, food dyes, preservatives, and other components that could negatively affect health," clinical dietitian Regina Shvets tells Johns Hopkins Health. "Look for cereal that has the fewest ingredients, with the first being 100% whole grain. Avoid those with more than 5 grams of sugar per serving. Hot or cold, remember to pair your cereal with milk, Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, or seeds for an additional boost of protein, vitamins, and other healthful ingredients."

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Healthy Fats

Avocado toast with poached egg on a wooden board. Breakfast concept.

Opt for a breakfast that contains healthy fats. "Healthy fats come from foods like avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds, oily fish, and eggs," Sammie Gill, RD, tells Zoe. "For breakfast, you might have:

– Toast with avocado, nut butter, hummus, egg, or tahini.

– Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

– Greek yogurt with seeds and nuts

– Homemade granola with plenty of seeds and nuts

– Chia seed pudding with berries

– A cheese, tomato, and spinach omelet."



Protein is important for weight loss, muscle growth, and satiety. "If you're looking for plant-based protein options, tofu is a winner for making an egg-like scramble," Gong says. "You can also cut the tofu into slices and pan fry it to create a patty in place of meat."

When To Eat?


Remember, breakfast doesn't necessarily have to be eaten first thing in the morning. "The great thing about breakfast is that its timing can be flexible," Furman says. "Even if you don't eat immediately after waking up, try to make sure to space your meals out so that you don't get too hungry at a particular time, which can lead to eating too fast or too much."

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Avoid These Foods

Fruity cereal in a bowl with milk and pink spoon in a wooden background

So, what should you avoid for breakfast? "The main foods that I would recommend limiting in the morning are processed cereals or pastries, which contain a lot of added sugars and little nutritional value," Furman says. "As well as breakfast meats such as sausage and bacon which have been shown to increase risk of some cancers when eaten regularly, and which are also high in saturated fats, which increases risk of heart disease." And if you enjoyed this article, take advantage of these 15 Quick Ways to Lose Body Fat Percentage in a Week.

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