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Alice Liveing Shows Off Fit Figure in Weekend Poolside Snaps – Here's How She Got It 

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Alice Liveing is showing off her body – during a girl's weekend. In a new social media post the personal trainer and influencer flaunts her amazing figure in a white bathing suit while partying with her pals at her bachelorette party. "A weekend that I'll remember for a lifetime," she captioned the post. How does the fitness queen stay in shape? The Body Network has all details about her lifestyle habits. 

Accepting Herself

Alice doesn't strive for perfection. "My brain connected success and looking a certain way. The fitness industry has changed over the past few years, but it is very hard to shake off the expectation of having to fit a particular aesthetic. I'm still learning to deal with changes in my body and there are days where I still feel really uncomfortable in my skin and find it really challenging to be on camera or to show up as myself," she told Stylist

Healthy Eating


"I try and plan balanced meals of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. When I'm organised, I also try to prep double, so I have a ready-made lunch for the next day. I love simple recipes that only take a few minutes to make. They're perfect for when you walk through the door and want to eat your left arm," Alice told Women's Health about her diet. "I don't make any rules with my eating except eating when I'm hungry, and I tend to find I'm really hungry after my commute, for example. It's all about finding what works for you."

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Rest Day Diet


Alice switches her diet up depending on activity. "On a rest day, I tend to stick to hunger cues. I don't set out to eat less than training days, and sometimes I can eat more, but usually I am less hungry than when I'm working out so will eat a little less than on a day when I work out," she told Women's Health.

Here is what she eats on a rest day:

Breakfast: Two eggs on toasted rye bread with balsamic fried mushrooms and grilled tomatoes, and one Americano with oat milk

Snack: Apple, and one Americano with oat milk

Lunch: Grilled salmon fillet with half an avocado, toasted seeds and 150g puy lentils

Snack: 2 tbsp coconut almond butter and 200g frozen raspberries

Dinner: Warm chickpea and butternut squash salad with red onion, tomatoes, toasted seeds, feta and balsamic glaze

Dessert: Total Greek yogurt with 200g frozen blueberries, 1tbsp toasted oats and cinnamon

Training Day Diet


"On a training day, I tend to eat more carbohydrates as I need more energy for my training. I have a bigger breakfast as I normally train in the morning and factor in a carb heavy refuel for when I finish my workout," Alice told Women's Health. 

Here is what she eats on a training day:

Breakfast: Two eggs on two slices of rye toast with half an avocado and wilted spinach, and one Americano with oat milk

Pre-workout snack: Banana and 2tbsp coconut almond butter

Post-workout snack: 80g chunky oats, two scoops of chocolate vegan protein, 200g blueberries and a pinch of cinnamon

Snack: 75g salt and pepper tofu and a handful of carrot sticks with tomato salsa, and one Americano with oat milk

Dinner: 150g creamy pesto puy lentils, 150g roasted sweet potato, feta, red onion and tomatoes on a bed of spinach

Dessert: Total Greek yoghurt with 200g frozen blueberries, 2tbsp toasted oats and cinnamon.

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Following Body-Confident Influencers


Alice has gained weight – and struggled with it.  "Weight gain is hard," she confessed to Cosmopolitan. "I'm more than 10 kilos heavier than I was five years ago." She admits that "you don't just wake up and suddenly you're happy with yourself," but has taken steps toward her mental health. "I stopped following lots of female bodybuilders and people that were ripped, and started following people that have a much more realistic figure, and life, and things that I want to achieve. I follow Tally Rye, and Bodyposipanda – all these people have helped me to realign what I believe to be healthy and happy," she said. 

💪🔥Body Booster: Plan your meals with a balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Make extra portions for a ready-to-go lunch the next day. Stick to quick and easy recipes.

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