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Do you want to drop 15 pounds in time for summer? It could be as simple as ditching a few unhealthy habits. Tanisha Vedhara is a gut health expert and social media influencer with over 78,000 followers on Instagram alone. In a new post, she reveals four things she would do if she wanted to lose 15 pounds in 45 days. "As a Biomedicine Masters, and an active Gut Health enthusiast, I have always been passionate about Gut, longevity, and weight loss," she says, revealing her top strategies for effective fat loss.

Alcohol Moderation

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Her first recommendation is alcohol moderation. "During this crucial period of fat loss, I advise against alcohol consumption," she says. "Alcohol can significantly hinder your progress by adding empty calories and affecting your metabolism (it stops protein synthesis aka muscle building process). If your goal is to reduce body fat by June 1st, cutting out alcohol is a wise choice."

Increase Protein

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Protein is also key, she says. "I recommend increasing your protein intake to 1.2 – 1.3 grams per pound of your target body weight. While this may seem high, it's a crucial point to promote satiety, boost metabolic rate and support the growth of lean muscle mass," which is "essential for weight loss," she says.


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Consistent walking is another healthy habit to help lose weight. "Commit to daily walks of 45 minutes, whether on a treadmill or outdoors. This simple, low-impact activity is incredibly effective in burning calories and improving overall health without the risk of overtraining," she says.

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Food Tracking

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Her last recommendation is food tracking. "While these strategies may not seem groundbreaking, they are foundational principles that, when applied consistently, can lead to significant weight loss," she says.

She Has Also Revealed Why the Scale Isn't Budging If You Are Exercising


In another post she discusses why the scale continues to go up even if you are working out daily. "A pound is a pound, whether it's fat or muscle. But here's the catch: they wear very different outfits. A pound of fat is like a fluffy pillow, while a pound of muscle is compact and sleek. So, you're doing everything by the book – lifting, eating right – and yet, the scale creeps up. Sound familiar? It's a common scenario, one that often leads to frustration. My inbox is full of messages from clients dismayed by the stagnant scale, even as they report their jeans feeling looser," she says.

She Doesn't Recommend Using a Scale


"That's precisely why the scale isn't my go-to for tracking progress. From day one, I encourage clients to take body measurements. It's not just about the weight; it's about the transformation your body undergoes," she continues. "Yes, the scale might not budge, or it might even tip higher, but your clothes are fitting better, your energy is soaring, and your strength is increasing. You're converting fat into muscle, and while both weigh the same, their impact on your body composition is worlds apart. This shift is a solid sign of getting stronger, of tangible progress. That's the goal, right?"

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Measure Yourself Instead

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"Remember, the scale is just one tool, and frankly, it's not the most telling one. It's the last metric I check for my clients' progress. There's so much more to your health journey than a number on a scale," she says.


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