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10 Signs You Aren't Consuming Enough Calories

You should eat more if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, says an expert.
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The most common sign you are consuming too many calories is that you are gaining weight. But did you know that your body might be sending you signs that you aren't taking in enough? Lexi Wright is a metabolism, menopause, and fat loss coach whose main goal is helping "women 40+ reset their metabolism, lose weight, improve energy." In a new post, she explains that not eating enough can have an impact on your health. "I see this with women in their 40s and 50s all the time. They are on the eat less workout plan for losing weight, and it's not working for them," she writes. "Our bodies are smart, and we need a certain amount of calories for our actual normal body functions." Here are key signs you aren't consuming enough calories.

You Are Always Cold

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Are you often feeling cold? It may be because your caloric intake is too low. "Your body is smart and its common response to inadequate calories is to conserve energy to maintain your body core temperature," she writes.

You Are Always Tired

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If "you lack energy and feel exhausted all day," it could have to do with your food intake. "Too low of calories and your body will not have the energy to fuel itself for daily activities," she writes.

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You Are Stuck in a "Binge, Restrict" Cycle


Another sign? "You are constantly in a binge restrict cycle because the calories are so low and you trigger feelings of deprivation which leads to cravings and binging," says Lexi.

Hair Loss

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Losing hair is another sign you aren't consuming enough calories. "Low calories can deprive your body of the nutrients it needs for a lot of body functions including hair growth and maintenance," says Lexi.

Constant Hunger


"You are hungry all the DAMN time even though you are eating a good amount of protein and fibre to fill you up," is the fifth sign you aren't getting enough calories. "Your body is very smart and is telling you something!" she says.

You Lose Weight Fast

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A more obvious sign? "You drop weight fast. More than 0.5% of your body weight every week," she writes. "Rapid weight loss can indicate an excessively low calorie intake, which may compromise your overall health and metabolism."

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Irregular Periods

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If "your period goes bye bye or is irregular," it may be a sign you aren't eating enough. "When our bodies are under stress it's defense mechanism is to shut down things that take a lot of energy and having a baby is one of those!" she writes.

Mood Swings

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If you are experiencing mood swings "and can't get motivated," you probably aren't consuming enough calories. "Low calories can impact your mood and mental well-being, leading to irritability, mood swings, and overall motivation," she writes.

You Can't Build Muscle

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"You have been lifting weights and you are not getting any stronger," is another clear sign. "Muscle is expensive calorie wise to keep and build. When we don't have the calories to fuel workouts and muscle growth this is one of the first things that go," she writes.


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The last sign you aren't consuming enough calories? "You are constipated all the time," she writes. "Lack of calories usually means lack of nutrients including fibre. Proper digestion is how we clear out all the 'STUFF' having a bowel movement at least once a day is essential to overall health," she maintains.

💪🔥Body Booster: Just as eating too many calories per day can negatively impact your overall health, not eating enough can too. Try and hit your daily caloric intake goals to maximize health.

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