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Fitness Expert Gabby Dawn Allen's Secrets to a Perfect Body

Here is the formula to her hot body.
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Gabby Dawn Allen is a fitness influencer with over one million followers on Instagram. Her mission? "To make fitness fun" – and efficient. In a new social media post she reveals the ultimate secret to her insanely fit figure – and it might surprise you. In the Instagram post she flaunts her six-pack, before revealing her hack. Here is everything you need to know about her secret weapon. 

Doing "Endless Cardio" Won't Get You "Shredded"

Gabby explains that doing "endless cardio in the hope to get 'shredded' and hoping for your abs to appear, you are living in 2020!!!" She adds that during that time "all we had access to was at home live workouts with tins of beans and bottles of wines to offer any resistance."

She Suggests Gym Workouts


"Good times huh! I loved teaching the daily lives but we have moved onwards and upwards so get with it! Gym workouts or heavy at home workouts hit different!" she continues. 

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Her Body Is the Result of Strength Training


Gabby reveals that lifting weights is key. "Strength training is what has given me the body I have today- a strong body, a versatile body, a healthy body and a body I am confident in," she reveals. 

Resistance Training, Nutrition, and Cardio Are Key


She adds that "a resistance training programme, consistent good nutrition and enjoying cardio alongside is what is going to get you the results you dream of. Fat loss, weight gain, muscle gain, tone up, lean up, shape and sculpt – you name it, it is ACHIEVABLE."

She Calls This "Hybrid Training"


Her favorite approach? "Hybrid training," she adds, "as it's so universal. Everybody can follow a a structured plan and use cardio as a tool to stay athletically competent and of course burn calories if you want to!"

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She Also Stresses the Importance of Consistency


There is a form of cardio everybody can do- running, bike, stepper or my classes," she continues. "It's all about CONSISTENCY. We build sustainable routines and bring enjoyment to exercise- which is half the battle anyway."

💪🔥Body Booster: Most fitness experts agree that a combination of cardio, strength training, and healthy eating is the most efficient way to lose weight and build muscle. 

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